CMC possesses expertise from more than 10 years of consulting activity with a large number of companies of all sizes and from every industry. However, the customers we advise not only include companies, but also local authorities, public institutions and ministries.


Expressed in figures:

  • Advice provided to more than 300 companies and organisations
  • Implementation of around 30 municipal climate protection projects  (ECOfit, ECOPROFIT®, sustainable management)
  • Introduction of around 50 management systems (ISO 14001 / EMAS / ISO 9001 / ISO 50001 / ISO 45001)
  • Performance of more than 100 audits (ISO 14001 / EMAS / ISO 9001 / ISO 50001 / ISO 45001)

On request, we will be pleased to provide you with the names of contact persons, provided they agree to this, for previous projects.