External Commissioning

A management system can only be successfully introduced if company executives provide the necessary support, corresponding management structures are in place and a "caretaker" called a representative in specialist jargon is available. Companies may also be obliged under certain general conditions to appoint a representative for legal reasons.


Whether appointed voluntarily or due to compelling legal reasons, a company representative will help your business to handle important topics appropriately and permanently that otherwise are often overlooked in ongoing daily operations.


The representative function is normally performed by employees in addition to their actual core task. It is entirely up to the company and the superior whether these employees have the necessary time resources, the technical knowledge and naturally also the "leisure" to carry out their tasks.


We can offer to act as your representative. The specific benefits for your company are obvious:

  • The tasks of the representative are clearly defined and do not get lost in everyday business.
  • Your employees' workload is reduced.
  • Thanks to their other activities our representatives can use external know-how for the benefit of your company.
  • Our "bird's eye view" reduces the risk of a blinkered attitude to work.
  • External persons and their comments are often taken more seriously within a company (keyword: prophet in his own country).

We can perform the following functions on your behalf:

  • Occupational health and safety management representative
  • Energy management representative
  • Environmental management representative
  • Occupational health and safety specialist
  • Waste representative
  • Hazardous materials officer

Are you interested in commissioning the representative function outside your company?


We will be pleased to offer you a free informative discussion to determine the specific requirements in your organisation. Using this discussion as a basis, we will formulate an individual concept for you so that the representative activities can be performed pragmatically and successfully.


If you are interested, please contact us on the following number: +49 (0)711 40 05 31 - 0 or send an e-mail to projekte@cmc-sustainability.com.